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Ferrule and rolling element materials

Time:2021-06-16 Views:578
Rings and rolling elements are usually made of high carbon chromium bearing steel. Ccr15 is used for most bearings, and ccrl5simn with good hardenability is used for bearing rings with large cross section and rolling elements with large diameter. The high carbon chromium bearing steel is an integral hardening steel, which can be hardened in both the surface and the center. It is the best material for rolling bearings.

Due to different applications, some bearing materials require special properties, such as impact resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

Carburized bearing steel is usually used for bearing rings and rolling elements of large and extra large bearings under impact load. Carburized bearing steel is carburized in the appropriate depth range of the surface layer of Cr Mo steel, Cr Ni Mo steel or Cr Mn Mo steel, so that it has a dense structure and forms a hardened layer. The hardness of the central part is lower, and it has a better central impact toughness. Because of its good performance, the life calculation of carburized bearing steel is the same as that of high carbon CR bearing steel.

High temperature bearing steel with good heat resistance is used for the bearing working at high temperature, and stainless bearing steel is used for the bearing contacting with corrosive medium during working.

It is worth noting that the higher the cleanliness of bearing steel, the less non-metallic inclusions, the lower the oxygen content, the longer the fatigue life of bearing. Vacuum degassing or vacuum remelting steel can meet this requirement. The bearing with high reliability should be made of ESR steel.